An Experimental Design Process – NIRUK GOES KORTRIJK

7. Oktober 2018 By niruk

Away from the mundane and into the unknown – curiosity and an honest passion for materials:
for the first time, DESIGN STUDIO NIRUK will be providing an insight into its approaches, showcasing their very unique perspective of the design process under the banner of Diving into processes – materialising ideas.

Inspirations. Ideas. Experiments. Three elements of design that are at the focus of the work by Nina Ruthe and David Antonin, showcased at Biennale Interieur at Kortrijk, 18 – 22 October 2018. The design duo develops its own materials, always keen on thinking outside the box. Over the last few years, the designers have thus created surprising objects with a very special appeal: from playful glass objects and minimalist mirrors to sophisticated pieces of furniture – NIRUK’s work not only focuses on the results of clear design, but also on the production process. The playful treatment of reflections, textures and material qualities characterises the designers’ method. For the first time, the duo provides a deeper insight into its approach and, alongside ‘free to edition’ product designs, showcases the creative process in its ‘Material Lab’. It’s almost as if you’re getting a glimpse into their studio located just outside Cologne.

„You are warmly invited to meet us at Biennale Interieur 2018. Come and immerse yourself!
We are looking forward to welcoming you!“